5 Pretty Lacy Items

I've always had it in my mind that wearing lace was reserved for ladies. And by "ladies," I mean women who drink tea with their pinkies sticking out and eat cucumber sandwiches. But that is not the case! Here are five great lacy items that anyone can wear. And I promise you, you won't end up looking like a doily.

Aleesa Lace Vest, Delia*s ($34.50, pictured). A sweet little mini-vest in off-white. Will look equally awesome as part of a girlie ensemble or as a feminine touch with jeans and biker boots.

Ball Fringe Lace Top, Forever 21 ($24.80). Little decorative balls hang from this sleeveless tunic -- most likely will inspire shimmying.

Victoria Lace Dress, Fred Flare ($54).Look like a delicate flower in this lovely lace baby-doll dress. Could you get any more precious? Sheesh.

Foldover Lace Ankle Sock, Urban Outfitters ($8). For those days when you just want a smidgen of lace, these socks will serve your needs.

All Over Lace Tee, Wet Seal ($10.50). With five colors to choose from, this lace tee is perfect for layering over a camisole or under a denim or leather jacket. Could also work as a makeshift pasta strainer, but we don't recommend that.