Arm Candy: Cute Bracelets for $15 or Less

I recently read about a celebrity who wears a ton of accessories to cheer herself up when she feels low-energy, and it totally made sense to me. Sometimes I want my arms to be dripping in bracelets. I can't afford to buy a ton of pricey ones, though, so here are some options that give you major bang for your buck: Multi-color 15-piece Bangles Set, Ami Clubwear ($14, pictured). Less than $1 apiece, but so sparkly and colorful that they look rich.

Crochet Rainbow Knot Bracelet, Felena Handmade ($5.50). Adorable way to get in on the crochet trend and feel warm and fuzzy around the wrist area.

Braided Bracelet, Wet Seal ($10). The linked chain with rhinestone detail fishtails into a lovely braid with just enough shine.