Good News Involving Sparkle, Smoking and This Generation

Today, three recent items "in the news" that made us smile. Camp I Am, a new gender transgender camp for kids, is a fantastic idea. A safe space for kids on the GLBTQ spectrum to explore who they are? Thumbs up. Best quote in the article is from figure skater Johnny Weir (who spoke to campers): "Sparkle! We've got to sparkle!"

There's been a decline in teen smoking since 1991 (nice) but since 2000, only African-American girls have been steadily staying away from cigarettes. Yay for them! Everyone else, what's up?

Calling teens and twenty-somethings a "Me Generation" is lame. (Even the New York Times thinks so.) Teenagers ages 16-19 have more than doubled their volunteering hours since the '90s. Rock on.