Hurraw! Lip Balm

It's no secret that we love lip balm. For no-nonsense beauty girls like Melissa and myself, a good balm is our go-to makeup product. I'm excited to tell you about a brand I've just discovered: Hurraw! They're a small company in Whitefish, Montana, who have quite possibly perfected the right consistency of balm: smooth, not grainy, not sticky (but stays on your lips), tasty and super moisturizing. And for those of you ethical consumers, Hurraw! products are fair trade, organic, vegan and use raw ingredients. It's a lip balm with integrity.

I've tried out their new "beverage" line of Coffee Bean, Chai Spice and Green Tea -- each of them delicious. All Hurraw! balms are infused with real ingredients, so that means you're actually applying ground coffee beans, cinnamon and tea powder on your pucker. So far, my favorite "flavor" is Black Cherry, because it gives my lips a healthy pink glow.

At $3.79 each, I'd advice you to buy a bunch! Plus they come mailed to you in an unbleached cotton bag that you can fill with loose tea leaves for a herbal delight. I can't say enough good things, so: Hurray for Hurraw!