Indie Crafter Du Jour: Body Language Soaps

I'm big on slightly imperfect homemade cosmetics and bath stuff -- it's a weakness. Body Language Soaps uses natural vegetable oils and butters, herbs and botanicals, to make extra-green beauty products. Awesome. Below, a few faves:

Pomegranate Pucker Lip Tint ($10, pictured). This pretty red that looks super-bright in its pot (and chicly sheer on your pout) enhances the natural color of your lips.

Charcoal Cleanser Clarifying Facial Soap ($8). This black-and-white swirly soap is made from activated charcoal and red moroccan clay, both of which help with problem skin!

Peppermint Foot Soak ($10). These cooling bath salts are the perfect treat for flip-flop feet (I see those callouses!).

Scared of commitment? Check out their selection of sample-sized goodies.

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