Let Us Entertain You

Happy Monday, everyone! To get your week started, here are a few things to check out this week to keep you entertained and looking busy when you're really supposed to be working. READ: Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. Whether you've already seen the movie starring Michael Cera or plan to, definitely check out the comic series that the film was based on. (It's much more enjoyable than reading War and Peace.)

LISTEN: The Kitchen Sisters are award-winning radio producers who have a series called The Hidden World Of Girls on NPR. Listen to women of all ages tell their stories about coming of age, friendships, love, aspirations and secrets.

PLAY: Choose Your Own Adventure iPhone app. I downloaded this over the weekend and got sucked back into the novelty of determining my own fictional fate like it was 1995. Try it, you'll like it.

GO: Weezer's Blue Album/Pinkerton tour. Well, this isn't confirmed yet, but the band is hoping to go on a tour where they'll play both the Blue Album and Pinkerton in their entirety. OhEmGee, this makes me happy.