Teens + Sex + School = OK? OK!

Teen sex: two words that strike more worry and fear into the hearts of parents than war and the apocalypse. But a new study claims that maybe, hey, teens can handle the emotional maturity that sex involves. The study conducted by University of California, Davis sociologist Bill McCarthy and University of Minnesota sociologist Eric Grodsky, shows that teens who are in serious, committed relationships and sexually active do no worse in school than teens who abstain from sex.

However, the same did not ring true for teens who "hooked up" or had casual flings. These people tended to get lower grades and had more trouble in school (Serena and Blair had to learn the hard way).

So to sum it up: the quality of the relationship is more important than the act of having sex. It appears that being in a genuinely meaningful relationship could result in the support and encouragement needed to succeed in school.

Just another story proving to adults that not all teens are irresponsible punks.