The $1.49 Lipliner You Need To Own

For a lot of us, Wet 'n' Wild was our first foray into makeup. Sold at drug and grocery stores across the country, its colorful display of lipsticks and eyeshadows beckoned to me -- a wonderland of yet undiscovered beauty products. Of course, the best part was most of it was somewhere between $1 and $3 (quite affordable for an 11-year-old). Though I've graduated to more "sophisticated" brands of makeup, there is one Wet 'n' Wild product that has stayed with me all these years. It is reliable. It is unbeatable. It is lipliner #666 in Brandywine ($1.49, pictured).

Seriously, folks, in a universal pinky-brown, it looks good on practically every skin tone. It goes on smooth and creamy, and stays put for a long time. I usually apply some balm, fill in my lips and finish off withclear lip gloss.

666 may be an evil number, but at $1.49, how can this bargain be anything but good?