Don't Mind The Gap!

New York Fashion Week has started, which means the streets of Gotham are littered with models. They're tall, lanky, and generally beautiful freaks of nature, but if you look closely at the runway shots this year, you might notice a little imperfection in these "perfect" people. The Wall Street Journal reports that gap teeth have been coveted attributes when casting at model castings. Little imperfections like a "diastema" (the medical term for a tooth gap) and unique physical markings (tattoos, piercings, scars) are in this year. I find this particularly refreshing, since I am the proud owner of a space between my two front teeth! I actually got braces to fix this, but years of retainer-wearing neglect has kept the bugger there.

I hated the space between my two pearly whites, so much that I endured a year of orthodontics. Now I can turn on the TV and see beautiful women like Anna Paquin of "True Blood," (shown) and Elisabeth Moss of "Mad Men," sporting their gappy grins with pride. Even the Queen of Pop, Madonna, has one. All of a sudden I feel redeemed (kind of like when I wore tie-dye before it was cool again)!