Fall in Love with Cute Tights

Last week, we showed you a few dresses that transition into fall, and today, we'll show you the tights that make it happen. Of course, there are always opaque classics that fit any dress, but when you're in a more adventurous mood, here are some spicier options: Disco Zeus, Les Queues de Sardines ($65, shown). These lightning bolt beauties are just the beginning of the French stocking line's new fall designs. Check out the full collection for colors and styles that will blow your mind. (Yes, they're pricey... but also style-defining.)

Nylon Tights, Celeste Stein ($19). From paisleys to tapestries to cloud patterns, Celeste Stein makes all manner of designs to please a leggy chameleon.

White Striped Tights, We Love Colors ($12.50). Part Dr. Seuss, part sexy-cute, these tights come in fifty (50!) stripey colors. (Also check out their Caroline Geys custom designs.)