Get Beauty Schooled By Bobbi Brown

Though this book is simply called Beauty Rules ($25), I'd like to rename it, "Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Beauty In One Convenient Place." Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown has written this "manual" -- her sixth book -- to empower teens and twenty-somethings. If you feel like you know nothing about makeup, or if you just want to refine your beauty routine, read this. I swear on a stash of junk food that I've never even attempted to apply eyeliner, and after seeing how simple it is, I've been inspired!

Though Brown focuses on makeup techniques and applications, the message that she is really trying to send is how you can enhance the natural beauty you already possess with some simple know-how. It's all about how less is more.

Beauty Rules contains page after page of beautiful photographs of hundreds of real girls of all different skin tones, ethnicities and facial features (which I love, since you seldom see how to apply makeup for Asian eyes). Brown will show you how to look ready for a party or a job interview -- or you know, when you're bored at home and want to look pretty.