Guest Blogger: Claire, 16, Tells a Fascinating Tale of Scientific Scandal!

Ever since freshman year in biology class, I've been interested in DNA studies. One day while learning about DNA scientists, one women really stood out. Her name? Rosalind Franklin. Her discoveries, although low in the recognition department, are high in importance and distinction. Rosalind being a British biophysicist (someone who attempts to explain why our biophysical environment works the way it does) amongst other things, was best known for her advancements and bits in the discovery of the structure of DNA. She produced the first clear photograph of the double helix (having spiral arms) DNA using a technique called x-ray crystallography! But at this time she rejected her hypothesis, not knowing how big of a breakthrough it really was!

Meanwhile two other scientists: Francis Crick and James Watson were working to crack the structure of DNA as well and got their hands on Rosalind's then second-guessed data!

Using her data without her knowing, Watson and Crick advanced in their studies and developed a model of the very DNA structure Rosalind had been working on! Publishing their results before Rosalind had the chance, they selfishly went on to accept the 1962 Nobel Prize for determining the structure of the DNA molecule. But what happened to Rosalind?

Years went by and finally it came to attention that her data was being used by Watson and Crick but it was too late! Sadly Rosalind died and it was impossible to give her a Nobel Prize. Fortunately, she did in fact gain many forms of recognition after her death.

Rosalind will always be remembered for her advances in DNA research and never giving up!

To read more about Rosalind Franklin check out: Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA by Brenda Maddox.

--Claire, 16, Schaumburg, IL I Heart Daily Guest Blogger