Hear(t) It: The Thermals, "Personal Life"

Oh, how I love the Thermals. The three-piece punk band from Portland, OR (Hutch Harris, guitar/vocals; Kathy Foster, bass; Westin Glass, drums) have perfected the mix of melody and noise. It's a beautiful thing to behold. On the trio's third album, Personal Life, they sing about what makes the world go 'round -- love and relationships. There's something about hearing lyrics like, "your love is so strong like nothing it melts in the rain," belted over distorted guitars and a driving beat that makes your heart thump.

Like love can, this album speeds through your veins, giving you hope and energy. And like love, these songs are over before you know it, but they will stick in your head on repeat -- until you're ready to hit play again.

Listen to the Thermals' "I Don't Believe You."