Hipster Musings? Blogger Isabel, 20, Talks Fashion

Isabel, 20, covers everything from space tights to Cruggs (Crocks + Uggs -- which, for the record, she thinks are despicable), all with a beautifully blunt wit. Her current posts on Hipster Musings? (plus three years of awesome archives) totally delight us. As does this interview: I Heart Daily: Why/ when/ how did you start blogging? Isabel: I started blogging before the dawn of the dinosaurs, a.k.a. 2006 in internet years. Basically, I was just an angry kid leading a crappy small-town existence who had something to say and was lucky enough to have the internet to vent my frustrations on. I've mellowed out since then.

IHD: Who are your muses? Isabel: I tend to be the most inspired by everyday people who find clothing in the unlikeliest of places yet style it in an ingenious way. This means I am hugely inspired by fellow bloggers like Susie Bubble and Tavi. Hel-Looks is an amazing street style site -- everyone in Helsinki, Finland seems to have wicked style! I've always loved Vivienne Westwood because of my early education in the history of punk, as well as her progressive political stance that she integrates into her designs. Rodarte is another newer favorite because the designs are so intricate and beautiful.

IHD: Where do you shop? Isabel: Well, I work at American Apparel and the employee discount is killer. Most of the things I have bought in the last year are from AA so I can wear them to work, but I am always a sucker for thrift stores that have bag sales or 50% off days. I also have a crippling addiction to eBay.

IHD: What's on your wish list right now? Isabel: Yesterday I finally purchased a pair of black Blundstone boots, which I had been pining after for ages. They're quite clunky and one friend referred to them as 'kitchen boots'. I think they're going to be the new Doc Martens.

Told you she's cool.