The Perfect Fall Nail Color: Essie's "Merino Cool"

Along with my flip flops (weep), sundresses (wah!) and cutoffs (crycrycry), my bright neon nail shades are done for the season. But I've found my fall nail color, which eases the sting of summer being dunzo. It's called Merino Cool (pictured), by Essie. Neutral shades have been super trendy lately, but I prefer a hint of color in my polish instead of a straight gray or beige. Merino Cool has the perfect mix of gray and lavender, creating a pretty muted purple, or as Essie describes it, a "sensuous autumn mulberry" (who knew mulberries could be... sensuous?).

Call me a nail nerd, but I love having a signature color for each season. If you're not into Merino Cool, I won't be offended -- Essie has a bunch of other colors in its fall collection. Check them out!