Dress Up Your Lashes

I'm really into my eyelashes, as you can see. I've always been curious about false eyelashes, but have never had the guts to really try them. Would they be too obvious? Would they look fake? Would they fall off into my morning cappuccino? But with Halloween creeping up, I've decided it's a great excuse to try out a pair of falsies. And just not your run-of-the-mill pair, but extreme, attention-getting, costume lashes that Lady Gaga would be proud of.

Nyx has an amazing assortment of 40 theatrical lashes: neon colors, jeweled, feathered, animal print, geometric, polka dotted and glitter. For only $10 each, I plan on donning a pair for Halloween and calling it my costume. OK, maybe I'll paint my nails black, too.