Guest Blogger: Harmony, 15, Hearts YA Authors Who Take a Stand

As someone with a big mouth and a lot of passion, I love to see people standing up for their beliefs. That's what Ellen Hopkins, Tera Lynn Childs, Melissa de la Cruz, and Pete Hautmanhave done. When Ellen was uninvited to the Humble TeenLitFest due to one librarian's request, she didn't take the blow and walk away. Instead, she let the world know her views, the others followed by resigning from the festival, unable to attend an event that preached censorship. A chain reaction has been created, one that no one is going to stop until they're heard. THAT'S something to admire.

--Harmony, 15, Wyalusing, PA I Heart Daily Guest Blogger

PS-It's Teen Read Week! Read something for fun this weekend (we totally recommend any Ellen Hopkins book).