Guest Blogger: Jessicia, 15, Hearts Toro y Moi

Is it just me or is music these days starting to sound the same? There will always be the up and coming rappers or the R&B singers, even the rock stars. However, when I can't seem to find something creatively different it makes me enthusiastic to find someone that most people have never heard of. This is why I am currently in love with the up and coming artist Toro y Moi. Chazwick Bundick, from Columbia South Carolina produces and covers a wave of music with amazing sounds and electronic beats. He can be categorized in the Indie category, but his music can be used at parties, bonfires, or at peaceful/ calm time.

His voice is also amazing and he is very cute and quiet. Given a couple more years we may becoming one of the next biggest indie artists. For now there are songs like "Talamark" from his new album Causers Of This,  his cover of "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson and many more.

Check him out you may enjoy!

-Jessicia, 15, Newburgh, NY I Heart Daily Guest Blogger