Hear(t) It: Emily Osment

Most of you probably recognize 18-year-old Emily Osment from her role as Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana, but hello! She's also a talented musician. How do we know that? We just listened to her debut album Fight Or Flight. "I wanted to write a dance album," says Osment. "Something you can play loud and party to." We think she fulfilled her requirements. Read on for an interview with the songstress.

I Heart Daily: Do you have a favorite song on the album? Emily Osment: "1 800 Clap Your Hands." It was the first song I ever wrote professionally. I holed myself up in [co-writer] Adam Schlesinger's studio for days writing, and I stole lyrics from my binder that were two years old and threw them on a jazz track and rapped and danced my whole way through it. That song in particular has been through so many stages and I am very happy with the final product. It is the zenith of the record.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? EO:  I am reading Stephen King's On Writing, listening to Ray LaMontagne, Yeasayer and Braddigan, and watching Mad Men, Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire. I saw The Social Network twice and I am way too excited for Jackass 3D to come out.

IHD: What are some of your favorite beauty products? EO:  Any makeup by M.A.C is the way to go. I love Neutrogena skin care products and just bought some new Chi curling irons that I am obsessed with!

IHD: How do acting and making music differ from one another in terms of being creatively fulfilling? EO:  They are drastically different and both challenge me creatively. Acting is a career that thrives on living your life through other people, while music is driven by exposing your most inner self. I feel I can truly be myself by doing the things I love every day of my life.

IHD: Both you and your brother are very creative; what was it like growing up together? Did you do plays together or make home movies? EO: We never really dabbled in making any legit home movies. I feel like we were the typical brother and sister just out to have a good time. Now that we are a bit older we can talk about our own separate careers professionally, but know how to draw the line and keep business away from what's most important: family!