Indie Crafters Du Jour: Halloween Edition

If you're like me, you like Halloween, but are more interested in the candy than the costumes. And while I don't particularly like dressing up, I do like to pay homage to the essense of Halloween by accenting my outfit with a little spooky flare. Here are five haunting handcrafted pieces of jewelry from Etsy sellers:  Frida's Flowers, grigiodesign ($12, pictured). These dangly earrings are a vibrant nod to Frida Kahlo and Dia de los Muertos. Skulls have never looked more beautiful.

Cosmic Bat Wing Neckace, CosmicFirefly ($55). You've never seen a bat like this. A timepiece body makes this particular flying mammal unique.

Candy Corn Earrings, designsbyCATALINA ($14). Mmmm, CANDY CORN. Pay your respects to the Grand Poobah of all halloween treats by wearing this pair.

Skull Bow Barrette, LondonsGate ($9). A polka-dot bow with a skull cameo? I shall coin the term: "cutesy-scary."

Brass Scardy Cat Earrings, ShinyLittleBlessings ($8). Though these kitties may look chicken, they aren't. (However, they do like to eat chicken.)