Make It: The Cutest Cakes Ever

We didn't think cupcakes could get cuter, but blogger and genius apron-wearer Bakerella proved us wrong with her adorable Cake Pops. They're little cakes on a stick that can be decorated in multiple ways -- as aliens (pictured), baby chicks, robots or just colorful balls of joy. It's like combining Marie Antoinette's cakes with Lolita's signature lollipop -- glorious. Bakerella's new book, Cake Pops (Chronicle), lays out a gazillion ways to style your cake pops with clear step-by-step instructions and photos of more than 40 projects. She also gives tips on decorating, dipping and melting chocolate. Hey, we didn't say it was easy to make something this cute -- you have to want it.

Here's a video that shows how to make the basic cake balls (get the full alien instructions after the jump):


We also scored the Martian recipe! So after you've mastered the video techniques and your cake balls are ready, use these decorating instructions for an other-worldly dessert (pictured above).

Martian Cake Balls You’ll need: 48 uncoated Basic Cake Balls, formed into balloon shapes and chilled 24 ounces (1 ½ pounds) dark green candy coating 2 deep, microwave-safe plastic bowls 48 paper lollipop sticks 24 ounces (1 ½ pounds) dark pink candy coating Toothpicks 96 black candy-coated sunflower seeds

To decorate: Have the cake balls chilled and in the refrigerator.

Melt the dark green candy coating in a microwave-safe plastic bowl, following the instructions on the package. The coating should be about 3 inches deep for easier dipping. (Work with about 16 ounces of coating.)

When you are ready to dip, remove a few cake balls at a time from the refrigerator, keeping the rest chilled.

One at a time, dip about 1/2 inch of the tip of a lollipop stick into the melted candy coating, and insert the stick straight into the pointed end of a shaped cake ball, pushing it no more than halfway through. Dip the cake pop into the melted coating, and tap off any excess coating (see the video for tapping instructions).Do this with half of the cake balls, and place them in a Styrofoam block to dry.

Melt the dark pink candy coating in the second bowl, and dip the remaining Martians, adding them to the Styrofoam block.

When the pops dry, use a toothpick to dot a small amount of candy coating (matching the color of the pop) in position for the eyes. Attach 2 coated sunflower seeds, pointed sides facing in and down. Hold them in place until the candy coating sets like glue.

Place the pops back in the Styrofoam block to dry completely.

You're done!