Monisha, 15, Created a Natural Shea Butter

Monisha, 15, is still in high school, but she's already developed her own beauty product -- a 100% natural shea butter with no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors added. Derived from shea nuts from villages in Ghana, shea butter relaxes muscles, soothes minor burns, heals skin cracks and cuts and moisturizes dry skin and brittle hair. We talked to this teen entrepreneur about her very cool business! I Heart Daily: What inspired you to create a shea butter? Monisha: My mother, Esther Gokhale, created the Gokhale method (a healthy posture method), and I have always looked up to her for having a business. Although her focus is on posture, she also provides other services and products. Over the summer, I enjoyed watching my mother prepare shea butter for her center. She would tell me many stories of her patients reporting improvements in conditions like eczema, scarring alopecia and psoriasis. I was intrigued by the idea of starting my own company and by shea butter itself.

IHD: Why was it important to you that it be 100% natural? M: First of all, unnatural shea butter has been refined with the use of solvents, and it loses many of its usual vitamins and healing abilities during that process. Also, all-natural ingredients are much healthier for your body in general. I am a strong advocate of natural foods and products. The body is not designed to manage chemicals, and putting artificial substances in or on our bodies is damaging.

IHD: Your shea butter has a few uses -- how do you use it yourself? M: I regularly use it on my entire body just to keep my skin healthy and moist. When my skin gets irritated, or dry and rough, I apply shea butter more frequently to help it recover.

IHD: Do you see skincare as one of the most important aspects to a beauty routine? M: Yes, I believe that having beautiful skin gives an immediate portrayal of youth and exuberance. Skin is the first thing that makes an impression on people, so it’s important to keep it healthy.

Agreed! Monisha's experimenting with adding essential oils to her shea butter, so there may be new scents soon. For now, check out the original MONISHA ($23).