Recycling Umbrellas In Style

I hate to see discarded, broken umbrella wires with torn-up nylon clinging to them. I want to save every single tossed umbrella I see! So I was extra excited to learn about Recycling Zychal, a design company that specializes in rescuing and repurposing broken umbrellas! Each umbrella that’s saved gets turned into something amazing — like a doggie raincoat ($20), organic catnip-filled toys ($3) or The Hood" ($26, pictured). Because they are each made from an umbrella, every item is one-of-a-kind (and rainproof, natch).

As if that weren't cool enough, a portion of Recycling Zychal's profits goes to animal-helping organizations. They also do umbrella donation drives to help clean up the streets after storms. (You can donate a broken umbrella too!)

PS-Did you know it was Adopt a Shelter Dog month? It is! Check out these furry faces (and then get them a Recycling Zychal raincoat).