Tiny Pendants to Layer and Love

Statement necklaces have their place, but sometimes I like to be a little more subtle. (On a wild day, I layer a bunch of these.) Check out a few lovely, teeny-tiny pendants:

 Teensy Bow, LindseysLovelies ($14, pictured). The perfect tiny-girly silhouette. 

 Jill Rosen Necklace, Delia*s ($14). A little black rose that's incorporated into its silver chain screams, "Bad Romance."
 Teensy State Charm Necklace, basilthecat ($20). I may get NC and NY, to represent both my past and current homesteads!

 Tiny Elephant Pendant, Wildthings ($17). Just try to resist this little wrinkly guy.

 Mixtape It Up Necklace, Modcloth ($12). A mini cassette tape dangling around your neck whispers, "Yeah, I'm into music."

 Tuesday Necklace, Spotted Moth ($32). Simple and elegant, this is the one you leave on for weeks at a time. A signature item, if you will.