5 Winter Trends From The Pleat

Have you guys heard of The Pleat? No? It's a fun new fashion site that believes that "fashion should inspire rather than intimidate." Me like. From affordable buys to celebrity style and splurge-worthy items, the fashion editors at The Pleat curate and find the best in fashion, so you don't have to. One of The Pleat's editors, Samara, has picked out the top fashion trends for winter. Take a look!

1. The Full-Mini Skirt. A little flouncy, a little short, and a lot sassy. Put on some tights and you're ready to go. (Union Square Skirt, $39, LuLu's)

2. Faux Fur. Be fashion forward without angering PETA. See? Everyone Wins! (Nylon Puffer Bomber Jacket, Wet Seal, $24.50)

3. Bucket Bags. It's the hottest formless, shapeless bag on the market: the bucket bag. This dark gray one is a beaut. (Pieces Chain Bucket Bag, Asos, $41.38)

4. Anoraks. Looking outdoorsy is tres chic this season, and this cotton-twill, flannel-lined anorak will make even city folk want to explore nature, Paul Bunyan style. (Hooded Anorak, $60, Old Navy)

5. Leopard Prints. A little animal print never hurt anyone. It may be cold outside, but these shades are red hot. (Leopard Sunglasses, Endless, $26)