Beauty Blogger: Stephanie of Epic Beauty Guide

Stephanie Elizabeth is the blogger/vlogger behind Epic Beauty Guide. She offers complete and informative advice on how to keep our skin healthy and happy by using natural products. In addition to her site and YouTube channel, she also has a book, The Real Guide To Flawless Skin. "I started to get a lot of requests for a book on how to get rid of acne," says Stephanie. "My goal was to make it very clear and uncomplicated, and a lot of the advice could be used to treat eczema as well since they are both inflammatory conditions."

This lady knows what she's talking about (her skin is glowing!). Read on for some stellar beauty advice and tips!

I Heart Daliy: What motivated you to start your beauty blog? Stephanie Elizabeth: I would search online for information on various skin problems, and I found that the information available was so incomplete or inaccurate. So I started pouring all the information from my head into articles that would give solid, meaty information... not just "go see a dermatologist" or "don't eat fried potatoes."

IHD: How did you overcome your own skin problems? SE: When I was 19, I had a really stressful semester and ended up with eczema on my forehead and cheeks. I went to a dermatologist, she prescribed me a few creams, and it was nearly gone in about 4 months. At that point, I began researching into how I could get rid of it completely and prevent it from coming back. I read, studied, talked to numerous dermatologists and aestheticians, and gradually figured out how to fix myself. I began doing yoga, changed my diet, and switched to natural products.

IHD:You focus on natural and organic products -- why is this so important for our skin? SE: I am a firm believer that most conditions can be solved by natural means. Granted, there are certain "modern" diseases that may require more modern treatment, but issues like acne and eczema can usually be resolved using what Nature has given us. If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. We don't need to add more toxins to our bodies, there are plenty of them already in our air and water. We need to take really good care of ourselves if we want to have clear, glowing skin and healthy bodies. It doesn't come from a pill or a synthetic face cream.

IHD: What are you three must-have beauty products? SE: Skin Apothke Ubtan Scrub, Skin Apothke Organic Vitamin C Rejuvenating Eye Balm, 100% Pure Organic Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam, and Real Purity Mascara.

IHD: What are your most important beauty tips? SE: Drink green smoothies and/or green juices, be gentle with your skin, use filtered water ( sells my favorite filters), exfoliate regularly, and do some sort of exercise every day. And if you have acne, don't despair! Realize that it's only temporary, and that you have control over it. Plus, I'm here to help.