Guest Blogger: Brittany, 18, Loves Creative Rampage Jewelry

Looking for the PERFECT jewelry? Something that will go with absolutely everything? Then meet Amanda Anspach, owner of Creative Rampage. Right now she specializes in Twilight Movie Charms. I actually got 6 round charms, sterling silver, that came on a sterling silver chain. They all had the face of my favorite actor, Kellan Lutz. However, not only does she specialize in charms for movies, but she will turn any picture into a charm for you! You can pick the shape of the charm and the type of metal used. You can even get bottle cap charms! She'll attach it to a bracelet, or simply ship you the charms by themselves!

Your creation will arrive within two days of payment received, and she will pay for shipping. Now is that a deal or what? I love her, and I'm sure you will too. So check her out!

--Brittany, 18, Huntsville, Alabama I Heart Daily Guest Blogger