Teen Voices: A Magazine For Girls, By Girls

Teen Voices is the only alternative print magazine by, for and about teen girls -- and it's been going strong since 1988. Their website showcases writing from girls all over the world, and twice a year, the print edition of Teen Voices comes out in full glossy format, filled with stories by, about and for teen girls. The Spring/Summer issue featured a riveting story about Colorism, when people of the same race discriminate against one another because of their skin tones. Also in the issue: artwork from girls in the juvenile justice system, a piece on crafting the perfect college essay, and short stories from teen authors.

The Fall/Winter issue (pictured) goes out this week with stories about why it's important to have women leaders in Congress, common contraception myths, girls who are raising money for the Gulf of Mexico cleanup and an exploration of the "dead trend" in fashion photography (wondering what's so chic about making models look murdered). "Plus, there's tons of poetry, artwork, fiction, and real girls' thoughts," says Teen Voices Editor Jessica Moore, "not just their faces and clothes!"

We could not be more into Teen Voices. Want to help out with the next issue? They want teen editors! Also check out their blog, and ask your librarian if your school or town has a subscription to this magazine -- because they should.