V-O-T-E. It's Good For You.

You knew we'd mention this, right? How voting is the best possible thing you can do with your time today? Okay, we won't go into how essential it is for the democratic process or how millions of people around the world have fought and struggled and even died for this right. We'll just say, if you're in the U.S.: Go vote. If you don't know where to vote, text "where" to 30644 (or "donde" for Spanish instructions). You'll receive a text back that asks for your home address, and then you'll get a location and hours for your local voting spot. The service is free from Mobile Commons and it's non-spammy, we promise. Or look up your local polling place right now at the Google Election Center.

Not sure who to vote for? Check out Yahoo!'s rundown by region -- it explains where candidates stand on each issue so you can pick the people whose stances you support.

If you're not old enough to vote yet, forward this email to someone who is -- bonus points if you suspect that person might slack off today. This is a call to action!

PS-One more plea, from an awesome youtube boy with a British accent (he's half-American, for the record).