Amazingly Cute Headphones

There's nothing like a good pair of headphones to give you the illusion that you're in your own private music studio (or is that just me?). In any case, here are four pairs of headphones that are high in form and function. Micro Gem, Poketo ($33). For the friend or family member who is a design snob, these sleek and shiny headphones are the perfect choice. It's like wearing little Christmas ornaments in your ears.

URBANEARS, Urban Outfitters ($60). These over-the-ear headphones are completely monochromatic, with a matching cord to boot. They come in bold colors, and are as much a statement piece as they are an audio accessory.

Neff Cozy Knit, Fred Flare ($44). From personal experience, I know that ear muffs and earbuds don't mix (at all). So check out this ingenious product: headphones that double as ear warmers! I tell ya, just when you think they've thought of everything....

Little Twin Stars, Sanrio ($40). You can't tell from reading this, but I just passed out for a second from CUTE OVERLOAD. Why? Because these earbuds from Sanrio are embellished with rhinestones and a Little Twin Stars cord holder. Ah! Pass the smelling salts.