Cool Anti-Bullying Campaign: Say It 2 My Face

I Heart Daily is pretty much a zero negativity zone, because we like it that way. But all the news about cyber-bullying has us completely bummed and frustrated. That's why we were psyched to hear about Say It 2 My Face, a campaign against cyber-bullying and anonymous, hate-filled websites. Campaign founder Taylor Audette, a student at the University of Southern California, was stalked and bullied online, and she wants everyone to think about what they type, post and spread over the web.

YPulse ran a great interview with Taylor in which she said, "I feel as though conversation regarding cyber-bullying is underground. I want to break the ice and surface conversation about it. I think those being cyber-bullied feel so alone and have no example of how to deal with its emotional effects."

So Taylor is getting one part of the conversation started, and we think that's awesome. Soon you'll be able to take the Say It 2 My Face Pledge, and for now, you can join the campaign on Facebook. Most importantly, before you send that text or write that message, ask yourself: Would you say what you're typing to someone's face?