Anne's Best of 2010!

As this year winds down, it's only natural to look back on 2010 with much thought, reflection and wondering why I spent 4,492 hours playing Angry Birds. So, this week Melissa and I are doing a roundup of our favorite I Heart Daily posts. In no particular order, here are my favorite discoveries of the year! Hurraw Lip Balm (pictured). This eco-conscious company makes the best lip balm my two lips have ever experienced. My tube of Black Cherry hasn't left my side in months.

Lauren Pritchard. This girl from Tennesse has a voice you've got to hear. We told you about her back in April, and now her album Wasted In Jackson is out for all to swoon to.

What Big Eyes You Have. I'm always looking for some easy-to-follow tips to make my eyes look bigger, and these two suggestions have made it into my daily routine.

Affordable Art. It's a quandary: you love art, but you don't have a lot of cash to drop. I've used the three places mentioned in this post to help decorate my formerly barren walls.

Cool Girl: Dallas Jessup. This girl literally kicks ass, teaching young girls around the word self-defense methods to protect their lives and futures.