Guest Bloggers: Jessica and Amy's Favorite Advice

"My name is Jessica, and I'm 19 years old and a sophomore at UCLA. I'm writing this email with my friend Amy; she is 18 and a recent high school graduate from Fremont, California. Our submission for guest blogger is about our awesome older sisters' blog! "It's tough being a teenager. We've been lucky enough to have smart and funny older sisters to help us through it. But not every girl has that. So our sisters, Tricia and Megan (pictured, L to R), started a comedic advice blog for teen girls. It's called Stop Being a Loser: We Mess Up So You Don't Have To.

"Our friends absolutely love it, and we want to share it, because we know other girls will too! They answer questions from readers about everything from boy drama to makeup tips. And they do it in a way that is truly hilarious! Every Monday we look forward to their new post.

"Having them as sisters has made growing up so much easier. It doesn't hurt that we can steal their clothes too."

--Jessica, 19, Los Angeles, CA and Amy, 18, Fremont, California I Heart Daily Guest Bloggers