Indie Crafter Du Jour: Holly of Sunshine Indie

With the temperature dipping lower and lower every day, hats have become  necessary accessory in my life. But, I've grown tired of my basic black beanie, and that's when I discovered 24-year-old Holly's lovingly crocheted hats on Etsy. Her shop, sunshineindie, has the cutest, most colorful beanies to adorn -- and warm -- your noggin. Barista Beanie ($22, pictured). How cute is that flower? And if you tell her the colors you want, she'll customize it to your liking!

Perfect Beanie ($16, sale). As the name indicates, this one will become you go-to head warmer. (Available in several different colors.)

Panda Bear Topper ($22). The little black ears on this white hat will render you panda-adorbs. (Also comes in grizzly, polar bear and black bear styles -- and she has a fox hat, too!)

Bohemian Beanie ($23). Multi-colored stripes make this creation a happy, fun way to keep warm in the dreariness of winter.

Add a Pom-Pom ($2). Though this isn't a hat, it's probably my favorite thing about Holly -- she will add a pom-pom topper to any hat. A little extra fluff for a deuce? Sign me up!