Lime Crime: Unapologetically Bright Beauty

Since we discovered Lime Crime's unicorn-packaged Candyfuture lipstick, we've been superfans of the brand. So we jumped at the chance to interview the New York makeup artist who started it all, Doe Deere (pictured). She does not disappoint -- bring on the cosmetics rainbow! I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start Lime Crime? Doe Deere: I think there are a lot of cosmetic brands that take themselves too seriously -- or not seriously enough. Lime Crime blurs the line by offering cute packaging AND pro-quality product with a message of experimentation and individuality! I conceptualized it as a line of unapologetically bright colors -- our slogan is "So bright it's illegal."

IHD: What are some of the beauty trends you loved as a teenager? DD: Believe it or not, I didn't wear makeup as a teenager -- I was a tomboy! I discovered it only in my 20s and never looked back. My all-time favorite trend is clashing lipstick and eyeshadow! Who said you can't do both??

IHD: What looks do you love that are going to be big this winter? DD: Bright, bright, bright red lips! Bold lip color awakens your face and red is so festive! I love pairing a strong brow with a fire-engine pout.

IHD: What some of your favorite products from your new collection? DD: Magic Dust loose eyeshadows ($14) are intensely bright, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. They blend and wear like a dream. Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper ($16) helps them stay on for hours -- even after you work out or get caught in a snow storm!

IHD: Any advice on playing with color and how to be bold? DD: A touch of color is good for you, whether it's some turquoise to bring out the brown eyes or bright red lipstick to a party. Color is sexy, fun and shows that you're in control of how you look.

Doe is currently touring Space.NK counters around the country. Click here for her event locations! (You do not want to miss a chance to catch this bright star in person.)