Melissa's Best of 2010!

Scrolling through our 2010 archives was kinda fun -- I'm not gonna lie. Anne's faves were pretty fun to look back on. And while I've enjoyed everything from the possibility of a new-style Sassy magazine (led by Tavi the Style Rookie) to the website full of amazing things to do with your summer (it's never too early to plan!), I do have a few top finds of my own to re-share. So here they are: Perfumed Bubbles (pictured). This concept has to be one of the most whimsical to come out of the beauty closet in ages, and I delight in their soft scents. (Though the mood-changing nail polish is a close runner-up in terms of the fun factor!)

Umbrella Redux. Recycling umbrellas into adorable rainproof hats (and more!) speaks to both my inner eco-warrior and my quirky sense of style. Plus, I ordered the cat toy versions for my kitties, and they fell in love too.

Don't Text and and Drive. Part public service message, all love. And something to keep remembering!

Classic Novels Starring You. Melissa's Adventures in Wonderland is a damn good book. Just saying.