New Year's Cyberlutions

New Year's resolutions -- I can take them or leave them. It seems everyone tries to start the new year with the same generic "life improvements." It's a genuine effort, but come February, the 2011 amnesia starts to set in. So, I'm keeping my resolutions practical and based around my Internet/computer/iPhone habits. I spend way too much time "online," so here are my technological resolutions that, perhaps, you can make use of too!

Limit Facebook time. It's the ultimate black hole of time suckage. Seriously, an hour can go by and I've done nothing but read status updates, play Farmville or take some tragically inaccurate personality quiz. Damn you, Zuckerberg!

Keep the abbrevs to a min(imun). OK, so sometimes using abbreviations is convenient, and terms like "totes" and "probs" are kind of endearing, but we all learned to spell in the first grade, so let's not get too lazy. KWIM?

Organize my tech-life. I use Delicious to bookmark noteworthy sites and Google reader to keep up with my blog reading, but they're both a hot mess. Time to get efficient.

No texting while eating. Hey, talking with your mouth full is impolite, right?

Are you making any resolutions? Tell us! Happy New Year!