Read It: Blake Nelson's Dream School

It's no secret that we are big Blake Nelson fans. From his generation-defining Girl to his latest, Destroy All Cars, Blake always gets to the heart of the matter. 1994's Girl is about Andrea Marr, a suburban high school student who stumbles upon the grunge/riot grrrl scene in the Pacific Northwest. And now, the long-awaited sequel to GirlDream School, is here! (And by long-awaited I mean, like, I've been waiting since the mid-90s, which is before some of you guys were born).

Dream School picks up where Girl left off, following Andrea's journey from Portland, Oregon to a fancy East Coast college. As Blake himself explains in this inside-look blog post, "It's like more Girl." YES. Andrea's voice is as sharp and true as ever, and I can't wait to keep reading!

Lucky for you, you can read Dream School online for free at Figment -- a fantastic new community where you can post your own writing, talk to other reader-writer types and discover tons of new talent and stories. Figment is serializing Dream School chapter by chapter, and so far, 14 chapters are up. I am biting my nails while I wait for more, more, more! (There's a new chapter posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)

So check out Figment, sign up to share your own writing and discover new authors, and just hang out and explore all the possibilities of this community. Then, dive in to Blake Nelson's Dream School, and get ready to fangirl and fanboy all over the place.