RED Hearts: Find For Your Summer Internship Now

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today. Today's RED Hearts post is from Jessica Goodman, 20, reporting from Northridge, CA, who wants you to get a head start on applying for an internship:

One good part about being home for the holidays in 2010 is having that conversation with parents about Your Future: Even they aren’t going to tell you it’s an easy time to find a paying job.

As the world interns, so should you. What these internships don’t offer in pay, they often do in feeding your interests (and your ultimate career goals). Winter break is the perfect time to sit down, research -- and maybe start applying for -- spring or summer internships. Might as well start your path to success now!

First, you want to focus on your future field and make sure you’re looking at established companies that can provide both school credit and experience. Stay away from intern-seeking individuals on Craigslist, because you just never know.

For aspiring journalists, check out There are great postings for all realms of media: magazines, websites, newspapers, television, and radio. This is where I found an awesome internship at KIIS FM -- and got to count Ryan Seacrest as a colleague.

If you’re obsessed with political science, look into joining a campaign in your own city or state -- or in Washington, D.C., to learn from the real core of U.S. government. One great website for political posts is

Dream of curing cancer, or at least our nation’s health-care crisis? Hospitals and law offices generally offer internship programs. Simply search for and check out the sites of these institutions near you.

Of course, most schools also have internship listings. Go beyond the general career center and check with a favorite high school teacher, college professor, or your individual department. But you’re on break now! See what you can find online, then just enjoy your head start until the next semester begins. RED Hearts guest poster Jessica Goodman is an author of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today, now available in paperback.