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Wattpad is the biggest ebook community in the world, where writers can post their work and readers choose what to read. The most popular stories rise to the featured pages, and you can discover all kinds of writing on the website, mobile site or through the Wattpad app. One of Wattpad's promising authors is Bianca Eyales, a.k.a. MaybeitsBee (pictured), a 15-year-old California girl finishing her sophomore year of high school in the Philippines. She's also already completed five works of fiction. “Telling a story is so much more than words on a piece of paper or the computer screen," she says. "It requires a whole lot of work, thought, and dedication, and the challenge posed by writing itself is the one things that keeps me driven.”

Bianca's latest work is That Magnetic Pull, about a girl named Analynn who finds a summer adventure in a new city. We're excerpting the prologue here, and if you want to read more, just click below...

"I have this magnetic pull for things that don't make sense. Like letting a guy play with my heart when it's just been broken. Or allowing people to convince me to do things that are clearly not good options. Something always tells me to take a risk and just let it all happen. That someday, I'll look back and be glad that I did them.

"As I lie in this hospital bed, that's exactly what happened. I looked back and appreciated all the rash, illogical choices I made.

"From talking to him in the first place to giving him my heart. From letting him leave me behind to letting him back in every time he returned. From dropping everything I once knew in a second and following my heart to jumping the gun and giving him the first answer that crossed my mind. From him making a promise to love me forever to me making the same for him...."

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