Condoms And Lube And Candy... Oh No?

Usually when I read a news article, it's easy for me to pick sides: yes or no, this or that. However, this item has left me conflicted. As part of a World AIDS Day presentation at a New Hampshire high school, a group called AIDS Services provided safe-sex kits to students. Included in the kits were condoms (duh), flavored lubricant (hmm), and candy (what!?). It isn't clear from the sourced story, but it seems as though when some parents complained about the contents, school officials took action and banned the group from distributing safe-sex kits to the school district.

Now, safe sex is very important, so we applaud and encourage the effort of handing out these kits. But, perhaps it was inappropriate to include flavored lubricant (though a representative from AIDS Services for Monadnock Region notes that it does prevent a condom from breaking)? As for the candy, that just doesn't make sense. I mean, everyone likes candy, but it seems questionable when coupled with condoms and flavored lube. It's also a little juvenile to put candy in a safe-sex kit, almost like a bribe. ("Hey, if you use this condom, you get a lollipop!") On the other hand, if any of these things encourage a person to use a condom, then that's all that matters.

What do you think? Inappropriate? Totally legit? Let us know!