Everyday Sequins

With awards season underway, I'm pretty jealous that celebrities have so many reasons to wear sequins. It's not like we "normal people" have the occasion to bust out some amazing bedazzled number. I can't order my latte in that. But why should Anne Hathaway have all the fun? Carrie Underwood doesn't own the market on sequins! So here are five sequined pieces that will add some subtle sparkle -- without blinding anyone.

Sequin Bow Headband, Wet Seal ($6). Add a touch of Blair Waldorf to your outfit with this pretty, but snazzy, headband.

Sequin Shoulder Sweatshirt, Delia*s ($20, sale). Where have you been all my life, sequined sweatshirt? The ultimate comfy-glam combo.

Metro and Go Top, Mod Cloth ($40). This sleek black tank is a must-have item, and it will become your go-to party top.

Sequin-Stripe Cardigan, Old Navy ($16, sale). If you're like me, you own a lot of cardigans, but do you own one with sequins? Yeah, that's what I thought. This one from Old Navy comes in black, gray and white. Get one while they're on sale!

Sparkle & Fade Sequin Short, Urban Outfitters ($20, sale). These sliver and black short shorts will look completely chic with black opaque tights. Plus, they'll make you want to tap dance, even if you don't know how.