Get Vampire Diaries Style

A reader wrote to us recently asking us to do a fashion story about her favorite show (and book series by L.J. Smith), Vampire Diaries. We were happy to dive in, focusing on Elena's simple style. (Also find great Vampire Diaries inspiration boards onPolyvore!)

 Find a signature piece. Elena always wears a locket around her neck, no matter what look she's working. Try this one from Serendipity by Suzanne ($18), inspired by the necklace that Elena gives Caroline on the show.

 Wear a simple tank, with a twist. The lace-trim piece Elena often wears on the show is casual with a little bit of frill. This $10 Target number, or this $20 cami from American Eagle, gives the same effect.

 Go velour. When a stylish TV star wears a velour hoodie, we are all about following her lead. This classic from Victoria's Secret comes in four colors, and it's on sale for $15!

 Opt for chic glamour. Elena's everyday look gives way to fanciness every once in a while, but she's always elegant. We think she'd like either the Veil of Midnight or the Simply Elegant black dress from Modcloth, just $50 each.

 And, if you're into more upscale vampire style, check out Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series. The latest title (#6) is Bloody Valentine... and we think these characters would fall in love with this Vampire Bite Necklace ($15) or Bracelet ($3.50), which are almost magical in their illusions.

PS-Aren't you proud of me for writing this story without one mention of the Cullens? Whose style would you like us to profile? Let us know!