Give Old Tees New Style

You know how sometimes you have an old t-shirt that you just can't part with, even though it's got neon palm trees on it or doesn't fit at all? I get it -- nostalgia keeps a lot of items in my closet too. But I'm ready to recycle some of those old tees with SAVED, a new initiative from Green Thing that takes old t-shirts and turns them into something cool.

When you donate a tee to SAVED, they'll wash it, hand-stitch cool SAVED lettering onto it and add a SAVED story (saved from neglect, saved from back-of-drawer syndrome, saved from bad taste). While you don't get your old tee back, you can rest assured that someone is appreciating its new incarnation, and you can buy another generous soul's discarded tee from SAVED for around $30.

How cool are these guys? They also run Glove Love, a project that pairs single gloves with partners for resale (learn about donating gloves here, or find a quirky pair for just $8 here). The profits from Glove Love and SAVED go to Green Thing, a not-for-profit organization that inspires people to lead greener lives.