Hear(t) It: Cloud Control

I've found something cozy to keep me warm this winter. No, it's not a pillow pet (which, btw, are kind of weird), but an album I've been listening to. Bliss Release is the debut album from Cloud Control, a foursome from the Blue Mountains region in New South Wales, Australia. And though you probably haven't heard of them, they're quite buzzworthy band in their homeland (they opened up for Vampire Weekend on a string of tour dates).

It's easy to see why people think they'll be the biggest export out of Australia since Vegemite. With warm harmonies, infectious melodies and dreamy soundscapes, Cloud Control writes the kind of songs that take a band from indie obscurity to mainstream success. The opening track, "Meditation Song #2," is a little folky and a little psychedelic, like a cross between MGMT and Fleet Foxes, and their single "Gold Canary" is a soothing, rhythmic tale of promises made and leaving it all behind.

Bliss Release walks a line between dark and light, kind of like that moment between winter and spring when you know sunshine is just around the bend. And I'll be needing that reminder.