Hear(t) It: Cold War Kids

From Long Beach, CA, Cold War Kids have built their reputation on a jagged, rough-around-the-edges sound, pounding out songs with rhythmic disturbance and jerky minimalism. So, for devoted fans of CWK, their new album, Mine Is Yours, might sound a little... different. Okay, I'll just say it: some might say that with their third full-length release, the CWK have gone "mainstream." Lost is that indie joie de vivre, but the songs? They're still pretty good. First, it's clear that someone got their heart broken. These songs are a little (if I can still use the word) emo. Each track deals with the themes of regret, letting go, hard truths, and coming or going (listening to this album takes quite an emotional toll. Weep.). "Out Of The Wilderness," "Royal Blue," and "Bulldozer" all bear a resemblance to the sounds of Kings of Leon (they share a producer). So if you like KOL, you'll love this album.

Mine Is Yours is lush and cinematic, big and velvety, polished and shiny, and unlike their older material, these songs are meant to be played at a stadium, not at a local club. But, you see their musical roots peek through on "Cold Toes On The Cold Floor" -- minimal, dissonant, quirky.