Adspecs: Adjustable Glasses For All

I have a story follow-up. Almost two years ago, we posted an item about a pair of affordable glasses that would adjust to the needs of the wearer by using water as a magnifying agent. The inventor, Dr. Josh Silver, hoped to create these glasses for people in underdeveloped countries. Since this  initial story, he's still been working away, and has improved upon his creation. They are now called Adspecs. Today, the glasses work by using oil instead of water, but the concept is still the same: you add oil in between two lenses, and that alters the strength needed for the wearer.

Testing of Adspecs are truly incredible: 92 percent were able to correct their nearsightedness! Right now, a pair costs $19, which is still a pricey tag, but Dr. Silver hopes to get that cost down to $1, and to distribute 1 billion pairs by 2020. One apparent downside to the glasses are their nerd-like, less-than-fashionable frames. Two words: Harry Potter.