Indie Crafter Du Jour: The Dull Diamond

Emily and Jen are two friends who make jewelry under the name The Dull Diamond. You won't find diamonds in their creations, but their pieces are anything but dull. Big, bright, chunky beads, bold geometric shapes, and fun color combinations define their collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. They make understated statement pieces, meaning you can wear a few of their creations without feeling all Lady Gaga. And best of all, prices range from a super affordable $8 to a reasonably affordable $28.

I'm feeling pretty giddy over this wood and glass bead bracelet ($20, pictured), this yellow braided leather wrap bracelet ($10), and this  necklace ($28), because it shows how three triangles can fit together to form a trapezoid. (Yes, geometry can be fashionable!)