Make Your Cardigans Chic with Sweater Clips

I love a cardigan. Part jacket, part sweater -- it's kind of a winter staple for my wardrobe. But let's face it: Cardigans can get a little frumpy. This, my friends, is when a retro accessory known as the Sweater Clip comes in handy. You may have spotted your grandmother or your local librarian (or Glee guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, pictured) rocking these accessories -- they fasten the two sides of your cardigan together, and they're like a mix of a broach and a necklace. Trust us, they're a great way to chic up your sweaters. Here are five cute options to choose from:

 The Jane, ItsASwindle ($18). Try translucent green buttons and a strand of green beads for a pop of color on a dark sweater.

 Vintage Dirty Librarian Sweater Clip, C3L35T3 ($12). Sweetness is a gold-tone chain and pearly pink stones.

 Turquoise Lucite Sweater Guard, Vintage Jewelry Lane ($18). I want to call this the girl version of southwestern bolo ties, but it's way cooler than that. I promise.

 Goldtone Sweater Clip, Artfire ($12). In its simplest form, this sweater clip is the one we think Audrey Hepburn would have worn.

 Vintage Flower Sweater Guard, Dressing Vintage ($22). This one reminds me of a Marc Jacobs Daisy!