Websites With Time-Wasting Potential

As a reward for focusing on work for an hour or two, I let myself click around and find cool new sites (Anne and I even created a fun one, Before You Were Hot, which celebrates everyone's awkward stages! That's our latest entry, Dana, pictured). Here are my three latest favorite finds: A Lot on Her Plate. Instead of pictures of skinny girls in heels, check out these shots of lovely ladies eating. Creator Dayna says, "I wanted to normalize the image of girls eating food, so that we don't ever have to feel bad about being seen eating or (gasp) taking seconds in public." Even Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel have submitted a photo, and so have Anne and I. You should submit!

Unhear It. Got a song stuck in your head? Scroll through this hilarious selection of tracks until your tormenting tune leaves your brain (and is replaced by another one!).

My Parents Were Awesome. Amazing photos of people's folks back in the day. They really were cool once! And yes, the book is coming....